“Masha” is a scenic experience from contemporary circus that takes place in a space where we observe, reflect, and coexist. A piece in the form of a creative laboratory where we collectively investigate and focus all attention on certain specific aspects of human relationships.

Masha is a commitment to action, its repetition and exhaustion generate its own language, a repertoire of movements and gestures performed on slippery ground that points to the impossibility of being.

We repeat.


We repeat.


We repeat.


We repeat.


We repeat.


We question.


We observe.


We observe ourselves.


We transform ourselves.


We persist.


We coexist. We survive.


We propose an artistic device: a linoleum one meter wide by eight meters long covered with body oil, in which we develop a repertoire of movements and displacements.

Around, the audience. In the center, silence.

In Masha, the creative tools of contemporary circus engage in what is termed “commitment to action”. Contemporary circus serves to reflect on social issues and find ways to physically explore them to express demanding, original, and innovative content.

This proposal is an open space for dialogue in which all present individuals are both narrators and translators, overcoming the distinction between passive and active audience, generating a space for collective imagination.

With it, we aim to create a device that engages with the audience and allows for a shared, localized, and unique reading in each performance.

Artistic sheet

Creation and performance: Andrea Rodríguez de Liébana y Sergio González

Dramaturgical accompaniment: Marissa Paituví

Lighting design and technique: Sarah Jeneway

Sound space design: Ángel Faraldo

Production assistant: Kil Fema

Aknowledgments: Chiara Marchese, Elena Zanzu, Johnny Torres, Mila Rodríguez, Nini Gorzerino.

Photography: Clara Pedrol, Marta Garcia Cardellach i Rokas Snarskis, Gemma Batlle, Marta Garcia Cardellach, Rokas Snarskis

Audiovisual support: 2QU4RTS, emma Batlle i Mich Zurita


Residencies and collaborations